Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Love's Designs Online Party

Do you love Little Love's Designs? Do you have a wish list of headbands for your 'little love'? Would you like to get everything on that wish list for free?

Now you can by hosting a online headband party! Once you register as a hostess and reserve your online party date you will receive a special discount code to be used at checkout through our Etsy store, www.littlelovesdesigns.etsy.com which will give your guests 10% off their purchase and will allow us to track your total party sales.

Once you have your party date (online parties last 48 hours) and your special discount code, start spreading the word to all of your friends, the more time you put into advertising, the more free products you will receive!  We will provide a flyer that you can fill in your name, party date and contact information so that you can email or print it out to give to all of your friends.

At the end of your party, we will calculate your sales and email you a statement showing total sales and what discounts/ amount of free products you have earned.  Along with the free products and half off discounts that you can earn, you also have the opportunity to earn an additional $5 store credit for every person who books and hosts a party as a result of your party (this credit will be given once your guest has hosted their party).

Below you will find a chart showing the benefits to hosting a Little Love's Designs Online Party.  The total party sales amount reflects the total amount of sales before shipping charges.  When redeeming your 1/2 off items, these cannot be combined with any other special offer or purchased with your Free Products credit.

To book a online party, please contact us at littlelovesdesigns@gmail.com  Please keep in mind that because of the high demand, we are limited to 2 parties per week.  Party dates will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  When contacting us, please be sure to include your name and dates you would like to host your party.

Party Sales
Free Products
½ Off Items