Saturday, June 23, 2012

The New Little Love's Designs Office

I love seeing photos of other vendor's work spaces, it's nice to be able to see exactly where your order is being made and is a reminder that these are small businesses being run by 1 person who designs, edits, lists the products for sale, handles customer service, makes the products, ships the orders, etc all while caring for their family. Our family recently moved from North Carolina to Tennessee and while I wasn't looking forward to packing & unpacking everything, I was so excited that I would finally have a room to myself for everything related to LLD.  Here are a few (ok, quite a few) photos I snapped today of my new office.  It's still not completely organized but somehow using Instagram covers up the mess a bit :)
Computer area- I decided to buy a new computer at the end of last year with a bigger monitor, but my favorite purchase of all time is the Dymo 450 Turbo that is sitting on top of my printer.  If you own your own business and ship from home, please do yourself a favor and get one of these, it has cut my shipping time in half!
My 'little love'... the whole reason I started LLD ♥

Tons of containers of supplies!  Crocheted hats on top in the clear containers, fabric, silk flowers & elastic on the bottom shelves and all of the brown boxes are filled with fabric flowers!
Containers of crocheted hats! This summer I've been working on stocking up for the fall/winter busy season

Each container is labeled with a picture of the hats inside and a style # that makes it easier for me to keep up with inventory
My workspace- It's hard to tell in this photo but the table is raised up to the same height as a kitchen counter.  For some reason I work a lot faster when standing up so no chairs for me :)

  My collection of elastic! I ran out of room on the rods above my worktable so the rest of the spools are still in the box I packed them up in until I can find room for them.
Drawers of pre-cut strips of fabric for our rosette flowers

A couple of new designs I'm working on
My shipping table with supplies on the right and my backdrop for product photos on the left
I had this designs a couple of months ago with words to describe LLD, now that we've moved I finally have a place to put it!